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Web Agency with over 20 years experiance.

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A website is the best way to establish your credibility and make a strong first impression on your potential customers. There are many ways that you can showcase your expertise, but nothing speaks as loudly about who you are as what’s posted and how you’re represented on your website.

OBC Professional Web Designs

Some of our principles


Appearance of your website is certainly important...
Most people aren’t coming to your site to evaluate how slick the design is. They want to complete some action, or to find some specific piece of information.


Compatible with many different devices...
48% of page global views were from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Visual Hierarchy

The principle of simplicity, visitors naturally gravitate towards...
Closely tied to the principle of simplicity, visual hierarchy means arranging and organising website elements so that visitors naturally gravitate toward the most important elements first.


Structure, page format, visuals, and both written and visual content...
The goal of web accessibility is to make a website that anyone can use, including people with disabilities.


Navigation on your site is crucial to help visitors find...
Helping visitors find what they’re looking for. Ideally, a visitor should land on your site and know where to click next. From point A to point B should be frictionless.


Specific conventions we’ve grown accustomed to over time...
If you violate what users anticipate, they may feel uncomfortable or even frustrated with your site.


Keeping your navigation consistent...
The overall look and feel of your site should be similar across all of your site’s pages. Backgrounds, color schemes, typefaces, and even the tone of your writing.


Web conventions lends your site credibility...
Credibility is to be clear and honest about the product or service you're selling.

We are hard at work for you, developing a super-duper and extremely responsive and creative website. OBC currently design websites for clients from all over the world.

A web designer who gets results

Your website is the most important thing for your business, because it’s where all of your traffic should go. Without a stunning design and a real focus on conversion rates; there’s no point in having an online presence at all!

That’s why we have jaw dropping designs with tons of great content that will get results – as well as help prospects raise their hand so you can contact them too.”

A web agency with over 20 years experience

It’s been hard to find someone who has stuck around in this industry over the last few decades. What sets successful designers apart from their peers?

How can we use these skill sets to our advantage with design strategies moving forward too!

We believe in the importance of practising what you preach.

The strategies we use to grow our business are the same ones that help us boost our clients engagement. They’re straightforward, accessible and easy for any size organisation or individual.

The result is a front-end sales machine that drives targeted traffic to your business. Marketing costs go down, and profits will rise, all with the help of excellent web design! There are three ways you can increase revenue:

1. Get more customers.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, but if your website is not performing, then your sales will not grow; it’s that simple.

2. Your existing customers are worth more.

You’re the go-to person for advice. Your calmness and expertise are appreciated by all who know you well, from coworkers to clients – even people new in town just starting on their professional journey will turn to when they need someone to guide them through this confusing world!

3. Increase your value and price.

It’s much easier to charge more for your products and services when people know who we are, trust what we can offer them, appreciate quality artistry – and most importantly – have confidence that their investment (ROI) will be worthwhile!

Our partners are the backbone of our business.

What makes OBC the experts in web design?

When you want a site that will turn heads, we’ve got your back. As one of Australia’s top WordPress designers and developers, our expertise is unmatched by any other company out there – which means less time wasted on trying to find someone who gets it right the first time!

We have a wide range of experience working with different types of clients. We’ve worked in industries such as accountants, associations and automotive to name just some!

A typical client is an established company with five or more staff and turning over $1million in revenue. In most cases, they need to boost leads through their website, which means the right people are ready to buy their product or service now.

To get that result they want – most prospects becoming clients – we help ensure your web copy packs a punch so visitors stay on-site.

What sort of clients do we work with?

Problems with a poor web design?

Three major problems we see over and over again:

  1. Not designed for conversion.
  2. The site looks hideous.
  3. Not enough quality content


The business owners worry that everything is going wrong. Still, the web designer isn’t listening or speaking in plain English, so it’s hard for them to understand what needs changing about the website! They feel like they’re not making any headway with their business and don’t know where to start.

The biggest mistake these clients have made was thinking there wasn’t anything more they could do. They don’t realise their current website is not performing as well as it should, doing more harm than good. But the biggest mistake is they have no sense of pain in what that is costing them.

In many years of building websites, we have established our process by starting at the strategy step with an intensive one on one website strategy session to get you up to speed with the knowledge and commitment required to get results.

We then formulate a customised plan that you will understand. By holding your hand every step of the way, our process keeps you accountable.

We have first a “conversion rate” in mind and then a “design” approach. Conversion rate asks questions like what is your service, information, or you sell – “the reason why the customers are or came to your website”. It means we can convert the web visitor to the purpose of the website.

Then we produce the primary views as a prototyped, presented, reviewed and approved before being coded. Ensuring the finished product looks excellent because we believe a website should be a beautiful extension of you.

Expect typical results for the website to perform with traffic and enquiries to peak in approximately six months.

What is your web design process?

You don't know what to look for?

Browse for some ideas to get you started, it may just help you to see your vision!

Please note that all Web Design Pages looks and layouts can be mixed and matched for your design. We strive to give you the best and most up to date look and feel just for you to establish your identity on the World Wide Web.

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