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Get on the web

We build websites from the ground up, starting with your customer's needs, your feedback, your vision and our creativeness in mind.

Creative Minds

We will work with you to create an exciting website that will deliver results.

Increase Sales

SEO is the fine-tuning of words to please the "Google God" that get 1st-page results and drives targeted traffic to your website.


We will perform a Results-driven Search Engine Optimisation on your website.

Get on the Web

We build websites from the ground up, starting with your feedback, your vision and our creativeness in mind. The process evolves firstly around your customers and then your business goals.

It’s a careful balancing act between beauty, functionality and tangible results.

Because at the end of the day, results are all that matter!

Mobile and Tablet design - "Responsive Web Design"

It’s a mobile-first world, and your website needs to reflect changes in user behaviour to reach the largest audience possible. Search engines like Google and Bing reward websites that can deliver strong UX (User eXperiance) to many users (mobile, tablets, desktops, browser, etc.), making mobile responsive websites essential for digital marketing.
Most website visitors this day use mobile devices rather than desktop computers. Hence, it’s crucial that every site page looks good and works well no matter what device and browser someone uses.


Create an online store and an income stream.

With the WordPress platform and eCommerce, we will design a beautiful store that meets your needs. The only limit is your imagination.

Your products will give you an income stream, and it’s easy to collect payments from your website. You can sell physical or digital goods, accept monthly donations, and provide and sell access to exclusive content to paying subscribers.

Domain Names & Hosting

The WordPress platform in itself is free, as are many of its add-ons. We are designing your website on top of that platform, and naturally, we do have to charge for that creative design service. However, apart from that, you need to spend money on both hosting and domain name(s).

Fortunately, our customers can benefit from our fast servers to produce a faster load and response speed for their website.

We also have Service Plans available to give you peace of mind and keep you up to date with adding products, articles, changes, and your website’s security. See some details of our services for the hosting packages here.

Increase Sales

Search Engine Optimisation

Our created WordPress Websites are highly SEO-friendly from the outset, and it only gets better when we design your excellent site for you. Our choice of using WordPress as your site’s content management system (CMS) is one of the best ways to do that.

SEO is the fine-tuning of words to please the “Google God” that get 1st-page results and drives targeted traffic to your website, and then profits can go up. The result is a front end sales machine that drives targeted traffic to your business. There are ways to build your business, and an excellent web design helps in every aspect.

You want to get all those new pages appearing at the top of Google’s search results.

Search Engine Marketing

Post that Inspire, educate and entertain, brand advocate in generating community management, meticulously measured and reported upon in a simple to understand way.

Managing your social media requires a clear content strategy, unwavering consistency and buckets of creativity.

  • Post Creation
  • Community Management
  • Monthly Report

Digital Marketing

Digital PR is an essential part of any brand’s marketing strategy – whether you’re in it for the direct SEO gains or the broader benefits with the right message, at the right time.

So, what is Digital PR?
Digital PR is a promotional tactic used by marketers to increase a brand’s online presence. It is a measurable and tangible strategy to drive brand awareness, traffic to a website, links that boost organic rankings, sales, social following and engagement.

Google Ads Management

Our mission is to consistently deliver successful advertising campaigns that help more companies grow profitably.

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Marketing

We are helping small to medium businesses navigate the complexities of social media so that they can use it effectively to support their business – defining who their audience is, what their key messages are, how they can engage with their customers and how to build relationships

Bot Marketing with Facebook

OBC Facebook Messenger LogoChatbot marketing is taking off in a big way. During the last two or three years, major brands have used this innovative method to increase sales. We’re talking about the likes of Lyft, Mastercard, Pizza Hut and Sephora. What do they all have in common? Facebook Messenger Bots.


In today’s turbulent times, as consumers reach out for brands they know and trust, the value of a brand becomes increasingly important. More than ever, a brand needs to convey a credible, distinctive personality.

Video Production

Visually, emotionally and intellectually. From a simple interview to a broadcast documentary, we approach each video with the same rigour and interest. What does the viewer need to see, what can we tell them, and how can we do this?

Logo Design

We can offer a range of graphic logo design services and offer help and guidance, allowing your brand to grow. The logo is created with the brand philosophy and the core business idea and projection in mind while working to enhance the overall purpose of branding.

Graphics Design

Whether you need a rebrand or want to produce quality promotional material, we are a skilled graphic design team to create designs that impress. Our graphic designers will work with you and provide you with the ability to speak to your target audience through empowering visual designs.

Portfolio / Galleries

We are creating a beautiful responsive portfolios gallery supporting desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. Your visitors see the Gallery in different groups and are great for creating a responsive & Filterable Portfolio looking website. We will showcase your latest work and expand it to do much more. Each item of the Portfolio can be in multiple categories, and we can link to certain filters with an internal or external URL.

Justifying the Dollar Value of Investment

(average customer value x annual customers generated) / annual website cost = website ROI.

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