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ConvertKit Review | Get Started For Free 2022

Convertkit Review - Start For Free

What Is ConvertKit

With the help of ConvertKit, an email marketing tool, you can increase your audience, automate your marketing, sell subscribers on your digital products, and send a lot of emails at once. ConvertKit has been used for years by marketers and bloggers, and some have seen significant financial success. I’ll detail exactly what they did in this ConvertKit Review to accomplish that.

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Start With ConvertKit For Free

Is the ConvertKit Free Plan truly free in indefinitely? Yes, the fact that you can start for FREE is what I love best with ConbvertKit. This enables you to expand your email list and marketing efforts while getting accustomed to the Software’s user interface. You can watch this introduction on YouTube by clicking the link below!

ConvertKit Free accounts can be created without a credit card. You can remain on the Free plan for as long as you’d like as long as you’re managing less than 1,000 members and don’t require access to any of the capabilities included in the Creator or Creator Pro plans.

In your Free account, you are permitted a maximum of 1,000 subscribers without spending a cent or even providing your credit card information. You run no risk at all!

I must, however, draw attention to the fact that the free edition has fewer features than the Pro version. Use the trial version to:

  • Create Opt-In Forms
  • Get up to 1,000 Subscribers
  • Send Unlimited Broadcast Emails

Convertkit Review - Start For Free

Remember the capabilities of such fantastic free software! Also, keep in mind that you can simply upgrade to the Pro Plan when you’re ready and have more than 1,000 subscribers, and you’ll be all set to go.

ConvertKit Pricing

Let’s first discuss pricing before reviewing all the features the Pro Version offers. There are two: Creator and the Pro Plans, and the cost increases as your subscriber base grows.

OBC ConvertKit Pricing

The Creator Plan - Starting at $9.00 per month

With the Creator Plan, you get access to all the capabilities required to automate and grow your email list. In contrast to the Free Plan, you can broadcast automatic sequences. That is a great way to automatically monetize your list and motivate your members at the same time. 300 subscribers are the maximum allowed for the $9.00 per month.

It costs a little bit extra when paying monthly instead of annually. Therefore, you receive two free months if you pay annually. Naturally, the new higher price will be applied as you keep growing.

Here is an overview of the pricing plans when you sign up for the Creator Plan:

Amount of Subscribers - Cost $

ConvertKit Creator Pro Plan

There is The Creator Pro for Facebook advertisers. If you select the Creator Pro package, you can create unique Facebook Custom Audiences. The Pro Version also gives you the Newsletter Referral System, Subscriber Scoring, and Advanced Reporting features. Each of these benefits will be discussed in this review.

Creator PRO Plan Pricing

ConvertKit Creator Pro Prices by OBC

You can find the formula to determine when to break even and when you start making a profit in our news article about ROI.

Click on the Picture…

How to measure roi

Which ConvertKit Plan Is Best For You

You can start with the free plan when you don’t want to start with automated sequences (that means that you will send automated emails a few hours or days after someone subscribes). When you grow to 1,000 subscribers or use automated sequences, it is time to upgrade to the Creator plan.

Also, upgrade to the Creator Pro plan when you start advertising on Facebook. I use the Creator plan, and I love it! So, let’s talk about how you can get started and what is possible.

How To Get Started With ConvertKit

The “Get Started For Free” green button is located on the Homepage. This is the initial time you can complete the questions and generate your login information without disclosing any information about your credit card.

Create A Landing Page

Now you are in your account. You can watch the instruction videos or get started right away. So we can create a form to embed in a website or a landing page by clicking on “Create Landing Page.”

It is a matter of change. You can choose between multiple landing page templates. The images, colours, and adjusting the input fields to your wishes. For instance: First Name and Email address.

Share Your ConvertKit Landing Page

Once your design is complete, you can share the landing page by mobile SMS and the internet. You may post it on your website, share it on WhatsApp, email or text it to friends, and put it in your Instagram description. Then when visitors arrive at your landing page and click the subscribe button, you gain a brand-new subscriber.

What Do You Have To Offer?

Determine the appeal of your subscription offer. You must provide them with a reason. One possibility is that they may receive news updates about what you do, such as sharing bitcoin news or informing people about your most recent blog entries, products, or articles—anything interesting and newsworthy.

Broadcast your Emails

As your email list expands, you can begin sending broadcast emails to targeted recipients. For example, perhaps you have separate landing pages for shares and cryptocurrencies. So now you have the option to limit your email distribution to Crypto subscribers only. This is possible with programs free version, which gives you access to up to 1,000 subscribers.

Free 14-Day Trial For ConvertKit Pro

If you are ready and want to take it to the next level, you can upgrade your free ConvertKit plan to the Pro plan with a 14-day free trial. You now have 14 days to grow your email list without paying a single dollar. Note that you will be charged for the first time for the plan after 14 days unless you cancel.

Start your Free Trial Now

  • Get a Free 14 Day Trial
  • No Credit Card required
  • Cancel anytime

Email Automation / Email Sequences

With ConvertKit Pro, you can send automated emails in a sequence. That means that when someone subscribes to your email list, you can decide to send them a personalised email back. For example, greet them by their “First Name” after a few hours, a few days, on a specific day of the week, and then send follow-up emails on autopilot based on your setup and preferences.

Any new Subscribers appreciate the value of the specific subject they are eager to learn more about. You can decide that everybody that signs up gets an automated email from, say, the following Monday and, from that moment, a sequence of emails every few days.

If then, in one of the emails the Subscriber purchased, you can start changing the line to another email promotion, for example, with an affiliate link. That way, people can buy one of your affiliate products on autopilot as long as the new subscribers are not unsubscribing from your email list.

Automated Rules

With automation rules, you can help your subscribers to receive the correct emails. If you have an email sequence with ten emails trying to sell a course, and after three emails, a subscriber decides to buy that course, the Subscriber does not require to receive the other seven emails.

So you can create a rule that says that when a subscriber accepts the course, he will be removed from that email sequence and added to a new email sequence designed for people who enrolled in your course. That is the power of automation rules.

OBC Convertkit Rules

Automation rules have two items:
1. Triggers
2. Actions – “When this happens, what action should follow.”

With Automated Rules, we can:

    Give people that click on a link in your emails a particular Tag and a Call that the Subscriber is “Interested.”
    Add people with a particular tag to an email sequence or remove them from an email sequence.
    Add people that followed through a complete email sequence to another email sequence.

With those tags, we can send an automated or broadcast email to a specific group of people.

Visual Automations

Using Visual Automation makes the process much simpler for you. That initially seems a little overwhelming and has, in my opinion, the most significant learning curve, but it is also really effective!

ConverterKit Integrations

You find that ConvertKit can integrate with many big names in the website industry. So when people buy something on your website or fill in a contact form, you can ensure they have been added to your email list. Here is an overview of integrated software that can be used.

OBC ConvertKit Integration Tools Options

Email Templates

We can change the style of emails we send to subscribers. There are three options. ConvertKit is known for its simplistic design. Maybe some don’t like it, but it has proved that it converts better.

How To Use ConvertKit Effectively

Let’s assume that the product is attractive and fashionable. For instance, an email with the program can offer free digital or physical goods in exchange for recipients signing up for a list and reading the email. For example, if you offer: a free article, a document, a “How-To” article, a list of tax cost deductions, or a product handbook, etc., in that situation, you might have 30 to 50 people sign up for the subscription in exchange. You get the idea. Your list will consequently grow over time.

Then, when the chance to discount any subscription or to make an introduction offer arrives, send the proposal to the subscribers and let them know about the “One-Off” discounts they shouldn’t miss. Send a reminder or a series of reminders before the offer’s expiration if it is only valid for a brief period of time.

Paid Newsletters

Setting up a paid newsletter with ConvertKit is easy and now has more billing options. Creators can offer monthly, quarterly, and annual billing for their paid newsletter. If you’re ready to grow your paid newsletter (and keep more of what you earn).

So What Do You Do?
Three Things:

  1. Offer something special for no cost and, if at all possible, centre it around a business you are involved with or a product from which you make money.
  2. Start blogging or making videos introducing and discussing the product to pique interest.
  3. Send a mass email to the list of people who are enthusiastic about the product, programme, or article when the chance for a discount arises. Send them a link to your affiliate site where they may make their purchase with the discount offer.


You will realise that ConvertKit is an excellent instrument for building an email list, assisting marketers and businesses with automation, and generating a large amount of money. You can get started for free, and it is simple to use. You can upgrade to the ConvertKit Pro Plan as you expand. There are multiple ways of generating an ROI (Return On Investment).

ConvertKit Pros & Cons


  • Ease of use

    ConvertKit is a great email service provider for content creators. It offers lots of advanced features that will help build an online business. It's easy to use and the support is great too.

  • Opening Rate

    The average open rate for emails sent by ConvertKit in September of 2020 was 29%. It's great to see creators of all types consistently beating industry averages for open rates!

  • Teaching Videos

    Learn how to use ConvertKit with live and on-demand video trainings, plus helpful links to written tutorials. Live Workshops, On-demand Workshops and Technical Tutorials

  • Simplistic

    Simplistic and Converting Email design
    Why Are So Many Creators Using ConvertKit? Truly Easy to Use.

  • Paid Newsletters

    Paid Newsletters
    Paid newsletters are email campaigns that people pay to receive, usually on a yearly or monthly fee subscription base.
    Having your email marketing and paid newsletter tools in one platform just makes sense.

  • Landing Page

    Landing Page Design
    The Landing Page platform is so easy to use and attracts many readers due to the simplicity and minimal designs.


  • Price

    Price is little higher compaired to others.
    MailChimp would do slightly less damage to your wallet. And there more generous free plan definitely helps.

  • Documents

    Lack of Documents, the Company using more online help and training Videos.
    The support team is dedicated to helping you earn a living online with personalised help via email, live chat, and our knowledgebase.

This ConvertKit Review

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